Welcome to the River Arts District in Asheville, North Carolina

The River Arts District Artists invite you to take A Closer Look into the lives of our artists and their work on the Second Saturday of each month.

December 14: Art for the Holidays

A Closer Look at Fiber Artist Judy Levine

River Arts District, Second Saturday, May 11, A Closer Look, Judy Levine, Textile ArtistJudy Levine is a fabric designer and owner of AboutColor. Judy builds on over 30 years of designing fabrics and heading design departments at major fabric companies.

"During my years as a fabric designer I considered color to be my strongest suit. I pride myself on being able to make any design look better through color. I am very lucky to be able to visualize what small differences in the mix of hues will do to a finished fabric.

I can build subtle and complex palettes, painting from inside the fabric with my yarns, letting the different yarns play with each other in unexpected ways." - Judy Levine

Come visit Artist Judy Levine in The River Arts District Asheville on the Second Saturday of May.
Where: Judy Levine, AboutColor, Pink Dog Creative, The River Arts District, Asheville NC 
When: Saturday, May 11, 10am-6pm 
Artist's website Click Here

River Arts District, Second Saturday, May 11, A Closer Look, Judy Levine, Textile Artist


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